Get your music videos on VEVO ( Free VEVO Channel)

Get your music videos on VEVO ( Free VEVO Channel)

Set up an Official Vevo Channel, upload all of your music videos and keep 100% of the royalties you generate. With Be Musix, it’s cheap and easy to get your visuals live on Vevo and start earning even more from your music.

How to get your music on VEVO

1. Submit This Form.

2. Set up an official Vevo artist channel.

3. Upload your music videos to Vevo.

4. Add credits and any collaborators to be paid by Vevo automatically.

5. Keep 100% of the royalties your videos earn.

Why upload your music videos to VEVO?

Vevo is one of the most popular places for fans to watch & stream music videos from the artists they love.

Putting your music videos on Vevo will help you find new fans, generate more engagement, and increase the money you make from streaming royalties compared to uploading to YouTube alone.

As one of Vevo’s official partners, when you distribute your music through Be Musix, you can guarantee you’ll get paid every single time someone views your videos on the platform.

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